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While cheaper than a lanai, pergolas offer great customization and design opportunities. Each customized pergola can be designed to match your home or accent it. The shade offered by pergolas can come from the beams themselves, draped fabric, or by flowers, climbing plants, or vines laid atop the beams. Unlike a lanai, pergolas can be built not only affixed to your deck or attached to your home, but separately in the yard, as well. Like a lanai, a pergola is very versatile and can incorporate a garden or water garden and act as a cover for a seating area, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, pool, or hot tub, while not providing quite as much of a weather shield as a lanai. In fact, the biggest difference between lanais and pergolas is the capability of lanais to protect from rain, snow, and sun, whereas pergolas only provide shade from the sun.

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What is a Pergola?

Each customized pergola can be designed to match your home or to accent it. The shade offered by pergolas can come from the beams themselves, draped fabric, or by flowers, climbing plants, and vines that are laid atop the beam. Unlike size and scale, style has more leeway. For instance, traditional designs go well with gardens of period homes, like Victorian or Colonial style homes, but that doesn’t mean a more modern, sculptural piece wouldn’t look great juxtaposed with the historic design aesthetic of your home.

There are many types of patio coverings available to the modern consumer wishing to add a little bit of variety to their outdoor architecture. One of the many types of coverings that American Deck & Sunroom offers is a variety of custom pergolas. Pergolas will make your open air life complete. Also known as shaded arbors, pergolas add shade and protection to a patio or deck. Pergolas are less expensive than a full roof cover, but they can still be customized to match your home’s design and color scheme. Made up of posts and beams, a pergola is a structure with no walls and no solid roof. Instead of a roof, beams are held up by the posts of the pergola, and the beams can then be draped in hanging or climbing plants, such as wisteria. While cheaper than a full roof cover for a patio, pergolas offer great customization and design opportunities.

Aside from the design of the structure, materials are very important. There are a variety of material options to fit anyone’s design sensibilities, including: oak, driftwood, metal, wrought iron, fiber glass, rounded wooden poles, stone pillars and beams, brick pillars, and custom-shaped wooden beams. No matter your preference of materials or style, we can build a pergola that is a perfect fit for both you and your home.


Custom Pergola Planning Ideas

Here are some more fun, easy ideas to make your pergola even more personal. Even better, American Deck & Sunroom can help every step of the way:

  • Add a hammock or swing under your pergola for a lazy-day hideaway spot.
  • Contact us about adding some gorgeous landscaping around your new custom pergola.
  • Let climbing plants grow into the structure of your pergola, casting even more shade onto your walkways.
  • Place an outdoor table and chairs under the shade of your custom pergola for a cozy breakfast nook.
  • Let us help you to incorporate an outdoor fireplace into your design for a space that can truly be enjoyed all year round.
  • Feeling exposed? Tall grasses and bushes can be planted around the pergola for more of a private, reserved feel.

American Deck & Sunroom custom pergolas ensure that you will have a restful retreat just steps away from your home, to enjoy whenever you wish. Using pergolas to shade large gathering spaces creates an area where parties can be held all year round and families can gather and enjoy each others’ company during any season. Why not add to the beauty, value, and function of your home and enjoy the whole year at a resort or sanctuary right in the comfort and security of your own backyard?





No matter your architectural needs, American Deck & Sunroom can provide you with a custom design that will increase the worth of your home, will blend seamlessly with your existing architecture, and will last a lifetime. Many homes benefit from the beauty of both of these custom architectural additions.

At American Deck & Sunroom, we don’t build houses. We don’t dig pools. Just don’t just install your custom pergolas. What we do is design and build beautiful outdoor spaces… extensions of your home that flow with your existing property and architecture. And because we specialize, we go beyond the, “If you can dream it, we can build it,” catchphrase often quoted. After nearly 20 years in business and nearly 13,000 designs and counting, we have the experience to design outdoor spaces you’ve never even dreamed possible.

Interested in learning more about custom pergolas? Contact us today!

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