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The Art of Living - we believe that the art of specialty outdoor design is informed by the art of living. An outdoor lifestyle is a blank canvas. We fill it with the colors of entertainment, enjoyment and excitement.

Anything but Square - Anything but Square is our trademark and the hallmark of our designs. We have created more than 13,000 decks of different sizes and shapes with multiple levels; plus patios and other outdoor designs. We are always challenging ourselves to design things others havent even thought of yet. For the past 20 years, our customers in Kentuckiana, Kentucky Horse Country and Big Orange Country have said they are delighted!

Deckscaping - An example of our commitment to designing for a full life, right in your backyard, is our dedication to deckscaping. We can wed the best features of our exclusive deck designs with elements surrounding the wood. A deck can include a hot tub, a swing or a hammock. Some homeowners enjoy a screened porch or sunroom designed as an extension of their house, with the deck beyond the new room. Water gardens, landscape layout within the deck surface — when it has yet to dawn on other designers to include these things, we have already fashioned numerous designs incorporating them — to the absolute delight of our clients.

Take control of the weather - a screen room lets the breeze in and keeps pests out. You gain cooling shade, with privacy. Covered porches keep rain at bay, yet are open on three sides for enjoyment of the view and favorable temperatures. Make yours a lanai for zest. Our sunroom design is second to none. You gain additional living space abutting your home that can be enjoyed for three seasons. Or we can create a four-season room with insulated glass and heating. In a screen room, lanai, covered porch or sunroom a ceiling fan gives you additional control over the weather!

Many homeowners are excited by the addition of a pergola. This is an area or walkway that is shaded by cross beams, perhaps with latticework atop it, or with vines growing in and around the beams. As a restful seating area, to delineate a comfortable dining space, or overhead a hot tub, a pergola is a useful and creative addition to the art of living.

Our designs allow you to complete your lifescape in stages. We engineer to allow for extensions and additions. As an example, lets create a screened room now, and convert it to glass at a later date.

The art of living well outdoors is markedly enhanced with outdoor kitchens. Many homeowners felt their magnificent deck scapes and patio scapes were missing an element until we designed an outdoor kitchen for them. Now they have complete access to outdoor living, without interruption for cooking or serving. The innovations are endless, and the designs as unique as the space you have available.

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