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Remain with family and friends while preparing food and take full advantage of excellent weather. We will create a configuration and beautiful design to fit virtually any space while adding style and taste to your patio or deck. You can cook while entertaining, and it makes serving drinks, food, and cleaning up a breeze.

In our 20 years creating tailored outdoor living spaces, we have never seen an array of outdoor cooking equipment and fixtures we couldn’t handle. This enables us to design, plan, engineer, and construct an outdoor kitchen with the right appliances and size to meet your lifestyle and entertainment needs. We translate our design consultations into detailed plans and drawings to enable you to see exactly what you will be enjoying when construction is complete. No guesswork on your part and no late-in-the-game surprises. Our cost quotes on outdoor kitchens are guaranteed.

To paraphrase an old adage, “If you can’t stand the heat, get outdoors to cook!” Why waste energy running from the patio and porch to a sweltering kitchen in order to serve guests or prepare a summer meal? Whether you intend to be an outdoor chef or a weekend griller, we can utilize leading edge appliances such as:

  • Gas, electric, and charcoal grills
  • Under-counter refrigerators
  • Sinks
  • Wine chillers
  • Side burners
  • Charcoal cookers
  • Dishwashers
  • Wood pizza ovens

Many people choose outdoor kitchens as part of a complete deck/patio installation. However, an outdoor cooking area can be added to any existing space. Many designs include an eating bar – a place for family and guests to pull up and have a drink as they watch the chef at work. We are experts at making the most of available space to create a uniquely designed kitchen that will be tailored to your space.

Our decades of experience designing and building outdoor living areas will be available to you as you select materials, such as a base of masonry, concrete, or a host of other possibilities. Your design will match or complement the surrounding architecture, outdoor decorating scheme and also reflect your taste. You will have the thrill of choosing the material for your counter-tops (such as granite), and cabinets of warm wood or contemporary stainless steel.

Let’s get practical for a moment. Do you think food tastes best when cooked over a certain kind of heat? You have the choice of which grilling method you would like to see in your outdoor kitchen.

• Charcoal produces the classic flavor of outdoor barbecuing. You will have a constant and reliable heat.
• Electric grills give you the fastest heat and if you still crave that smoky flavor you can add wood chips.
• Gas grills have become popular because the heat sears, and wood chips can also be used  for flavoring. Gas is popular because the flame does not have to be restarted in the middle of an outdoor party, as with charcoal.

Not only do outdoor kitchens increase the time you can spend outside, they also increase the value of your home. The National Association of Home Builders estimates that these cook areas can return as much as 130% of their cost to the purchase price of a home.


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