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Paver patios banish dull, grey concrete and open up a limitless world of designs for an elegant outdoor living space. We can recreate any mood or era, from a Madrid plaza to London cobblestones – or the Southwest of the United States. Concrete pavers are outstandingly versatile, manufactured in colors, shapes, and sizes with a durability few other materials can match.

Pavers have solved an outdoor decorating dilemma: They provide a beautiful surface that can complement your furnishings and become part of the color scheme you have chosen. Pavers can set the palette or enhance it. The beauty of using paver stones is that design versatility is simply a matter of a change in the pattern in which the stones are laid. As an example, a simple variation from an in-line design results in the look of cobblestones. This style is an ideal choice for older homes. There are exceptional contemporary shapes and sizes available as well. Laying pavers in a circular design can give the impression of a larger space. Stone laid on the diagonal gives a space a wider look.

We can’t wait to show you the many different shapes in which these versatile stones are manufactured, including:

  • Square
  • Rectangles
  • Cobblestone
  • Coping
  • Bishops hat
  • Brick shape

Paver patios give homeowners a high performance, low maintenance surface.

High performance: the concrete stones are laid over graded earth with sand on top. This gives your patio floor extra strength, and is why the stones don’t crack from natural heating and cooling. The subsurface of sand allows for the minute expansion of the concrete pavers when they heat up, and allows them to return to form as they cool. This is quite unlike poured or stamped concrete, which will form cracks because it is too solid and hard, and cannot flex in our hot weather.

Low maintenance: on the subject of cracks, paver patios can be easily repaired, if something extremely heavy were to be dropped squarely on one, for example. We recommend that homeowners keep a few matching stones in case something happens. It is very simple to take up a broken stone and replace it. Some people like to take up a stone that has weathered in a less visible spot, and use it as the replacement, with the new stone going in the place few people see. This ease of repair is quite unlike slab concrete, which, when patched, shows that gash forever.

More low maintenance facts: paver patios do not absorb oil or grease, making them an excellent surface for beneath a grill or surrounding an outdoor fireplace that is used for cooking. A spilled soda or dropped dollop of mayonnaise will not penetrate and is easily wiped up with a wet sponge and light detergent. Good as new!

Many homeowners choose to have their paver patios extend to walkways, paths and the driveway at their home. This gives a home a neat, fully-landscaped appeal. Stone pavers have been used for decades for roadways, and some of the early Danish concrete paver roadways are still in service! Professionally installed paving stone driveways won’t crack, sag, or separate. You never have to seal pavers, unlike poured concrete driveways.

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