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Screened rooms let the breeze in and keep the bugs out. Let us design and build yours. Our custom screened outdoor living spaces are created to be a natural extension of your home architecture – not a slapped-on afterthought. You get an exceptional combination of taste and usefulness.

Our designs can begin from the ground-up, beginning with a new foundation. Or, we have innovative ideas for screening-in an existing patio, porch, lanai or deck. You get multi-season space for living and entertaining. Watch the sun come up. Watch the moon rise. Watch the day go by.

Screen rooms add value to any home. And they add so much more:

  • Surprising wind-driven rain protection.
  • Shade and a respite from summer heat.
  • Protection for curious kids and pets.
  • Bees, beetles, and biting insects are shut out.
  • No squirrels and raccoons allowed!

We get very creative with screen rooms. You have the benefit of our 20 years of designing and building outdoor living spaces. We keep an engineering eye on every plan we develop, to make certain that when we tell you we can do it, it can actually be done. Architectural conformity and confluence are hallmarks of our creations. Our customers tell us that it looks as if it has always been there!

We construct strong, maintenance-free, permanent structures that are designed to last a lifetime. They will stand up to wind. The popularity of screen rooms has resulted in manufacturers developing outstanding materials and screening systems. Some sections are hinged, and can open and close like casement windows, swinging out of the way when you want to let perfect weather in. Some systems are even motorized. Flimsy aluminum is out!

Our creations have a finished look inside and out. We can install a ceiling, ceiling fan, half-walls and full doors. You will have a permanent addition to your home that you can enjoy even on mild winter days. Move the hot tub inside it, for year round protection and enjoyment! Screen rooms make an excellent addition to an existing deck or to the plans for a deck we will build for you.

Modern screens actually function as shades. They block and bounce back the radiant heat of the sun while allowing the cooling breeze to pass through. As you know, in the shade even a warm breeze is cooling. In the sun it adds to your misery. With professionally constructed outdoor screening, you get shade in summer, and if you choose an open/close system, you can let warming sun shine in on cooler days.

You are choosing an experienced contractor for your outdoor living project. The hallmarks of our service include detailed engineering, guaranteed cost quotes, first rate building materials, warranties, and a rarity among construction projects: the crew that begins erecting one of our screen rooms stays with it to the end. This is a measure of quality control that is a determining factor in our delivery of superior workmanship.

Some people begin with screens and later ask us to convert the space to a sunroom. This is another situation in which our engineering emphasis benefits you. Our designs are pre-engineered to be retro-fit with glass window systems that can turn the space into a three- or- four-season room. If you change your mind, the room never looks as if something is missing.


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